Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I've joined the world of Etsy!

Alright, I didn't "just" join the world of Etsy...I opened an account almost a year ago, but I hadn't submitted anything until yesterday. I have now switched my profile username to "WillowbirdDesigns" and have uploaded my first item, my leather "Clarisse" (Whimsical Animal) Turtle handbag.

I really don't know why I've waited so long to try Etsy but thought now was the time to do so. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to list more of my Animal bags, plus other leather goods and jewellery I have recently made.

You can find me at this link :)

I have recently discovered the very interesting and growing trend of "Steampunk" and I am fascinated by all the various components that make up the garb and accessories that people wear to Steampunk events. I love the mixture of Can-Can girl meets Goth girl, meets Victorian lady, Aviator and Fantasy Time Traveller (phew large description!).

Never before have I "been" into any trends or "followed the crowds" but this has totally hit me as both exciting and imaginative, and fun! I'm starting to collect gadgets, cogs, gears and other assorted items and will start playing with them and incorporate them into various new leather pieces (Pouches, arm bands, belts, jewellery etc).

The clothing looks like fun also but if I make any pieces they will likely just be for myself to wear :)

It's fun to explore different worlds within this world :) (and time-travelling ha!)

tada for now! :)

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