Friday, February 13, 2009

Gallery and Tea Room!

It's been many months since I've last posted (and that was my first posting!).

My first studio tour went very well ( and I've been accepted to return for the Fall 2009 Tour!

After the tour my work was accepted at a new Fine Arts Gallery in Kemptville, Ontario. This is the Homestead Gallery. I am very excited and honoured to have been asked to bring my work in there! I have grown up dreaming of one day having my art on display at a Gallery. It is a huge honour for me, I feel very humbled by it.

I also have some other leather work (not the Whimsical Animal Bags) for sale at another local place. This is a smaller gallery/tea room/gift shop in Morrisburg, Ont. It is called "The Basket Case".

Owners Hanna and Carl of the Basket Case can be reached at 613-543-0002 for more information about the works of mine that they carry (mainly purses, pouches and water bottle holders...the Whimsical Animal Bags are at the Homestead Gallery).