Monday, November 30, 2009

Commissioned Work

Although I have thought that I wouldn't take on any commissioned work at this point, I have since changed my mind on two recent occasions.

After the two TV shows appeared showcasing my animal bags I had received beautiful emails and phone calls from viewers of the show, people I had never met called or emailed me to congratulate me on my show and my business! Words of praise that humbles me to the core :)

One of the viewers is interested in purchasing one of my bags and wants to commission another bag of a bird. I love birds (they are my passion) and thought "yes" I would very much like to make that particular bird bag for her.

I do not however want to make bags of certain animals (ie cats or dogs) or some other creatures that I've been asked to do in the past. Those animals simply did not interest me enough to want to spend the huge amount of hours I pour into designing and making them. I have seen various cat and dog bags etc made of fabric mass-produced in other work is not of this type.

Therefore I feel I have to take each idea given to me with much thought and if I feel inspired by it then I will do so. I do not want to get into the rut of making something just for the money...this is not my goal. I have to have the passion and the desire to do a specific creature.

My goal is remain as "the artist" and have the freedom to show my artistic "flair" in my creations :)

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